Pool Covers

The Pool covers are constructed in polycarbonate, methacrylate and aluminium. These materials are used in the manufacture of all pool covers and are characterised by being very resistant. They withstand very big loads of both snow and wind and therefore their cleaning is also extremely easy if we take into account a series of simple tips.

Pool Covers

Know the small details that will help you keep your pool cover like brand new despite it being outdoors all year round, withstanding the harsh winter weather conditions.

When to clean Pool Covers

First of all we recommend you to clean your pool cover regularly since this is the best way to keep it in a good condition. Anyway, if our pool cover is in a second residence where we cannot go for long periods of time this should not mean we cannot have our cover in perfect conditions at the start of the bathing season.

How to Clean the Pool Covers

The elements that you will need to clean most often on your pool cover are dust, dirt and leaves from nearby trees. These are materials without any presence of grease which with a simple jet of water applied with a hose can disappear without problems. If the dirt has been recently deposited using a simple hose may be sufficient. Using water without the friction of rags or brushes will avoid making small scratches on the surfaces. These do not suppose the loss of resistance of methacrylates but in the long run would lead them to losing their original transparency. The water will gently remove all the elements that may have adhered to the cover and once removed it will be as good as new!

Cleaning Pool Covers

If, as we have said, it is not possible to clean the pool cover for a long period of time or it has become dirty with elements that are more difficult to eliminate such as fruit from nearby trees, it may be advisable for cleaning them to use a pressurized water machine, Kärcher type, or any other brand that can find easily in specialised shops. Thanks to its power we can carry out a more effective cleaning, cheaply and in a sustainable way for the environment at the same time as obtaining optimal results. These economical, comfortable and effective devices eliminate the toughest dirt and stains in a matter of seconds, quickly, easily and effortlessly, pressing just one button, and therefore it is still very easy for the maintenance of your Pool Cover. This way we are also preventing the direct friction that we should always avoid out as far as possible.
On the other hand, for the inside of the pool cover, where we must not find sand or elements that can scratch it, we only have to clean it two or three times a year with an anti-fog glass cleaner or with a solution of water and neutral soap.

Pool Cover Maintenance

Thanks to the overall manufacture process of the quality Pool Covers, which spans from the conception of the components, profiles, joints, methacrylates, polycarbonates to the numerous quality controls, we have a long-lasting and easy-maintenance product.

Maintenance Pool Covers

How to lubricate the Pool Covers

Applying any type of product on the pool cover guides should be totally avoided. The wheel and guide system is designed to work easily and smoothly without grease or similar products. If we apply any of these products this cause all the dust and leaves to stick to the guides, hindering the cover movement, therefore we should not apply grease to the guides.

How to store the Pool Covers

The pool covers are designed and built to withstand being outdoors throughout the year. That is why it is not necessary to disassemble and store them during the winter season. What’s more, the cover will protect the pool from any dirt that may settle on the water or on its bottom and will make it easier to get it ready for the bathing season. Finally, as pool cover manufacturers, we strongly advise against it, since its dismantling can cause damages and misalignments that would make it impossible to replace it with the original fittings when it is replaced.

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