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Sales, installation and service Spas and Hot Tubs in the whole of Spain. No intermediaries, prices direct from the Factory.

In our nationally produced Spas and hot tubs, we have made a big effort to get the best quality, design, low consumption and safety. Aquavía Spas is the largest manufacturer of Spas in Europe, with a presence in all markets since 1988.

We have a wide range of Spas and hot tubs in stock ready for delivery or the possibility of having your Jacuzzi tailor-made, in less than three weeks.




AquaGrup is the official distributor JACUZZI® EUROPE S.P.A. and we carry out the sales and installation of spas throughout Spain, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.

Jacuzzi® has made of the whirlpool an unforgettable experience, known as a reference brand and it is a world leader in whirlpool and spa systems.

The Jacuzzi® spas are the most complete and versatile synthesis of well-being. Three exclusive ranges offer a wide selection according to the space available, use, aesthetic requirements, with an extensive range of avant-garde technology models, available in various sizes, colors and designs. Perfect for professional and domestic use.

We have our own team to carry out the assembly of your spa, offering a global service to our clients since 2002: technical-commercial study, design, transportation, assembly and after-sales service throughout Spain.

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