Aquavia entrusts the best manufacturers with the quality of its spas. LUCITE®, one of the leading manufacturers of acrylic sheets for spas has developed a MICROBAN® system that helps keep the acrylic surface of your spa clean, thus giving you peace of mind and more free time.

The MICROBAN® ANTIBACTERIAL SURFACE protects your spa from microbes.

Although most people take great care in maintaining their spa water, many do not think about the surface above the waterline. However, by using the MICROBAN® ANTIBACTERIAL SURFACE, the surface of your spa will remain cleaner.

The MICROBAN® ANTIBACTERIAL SURFACE inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause smells, stains and the general deterioration of your spa. Furthermore, its effects will not diminish over time as the antimicrobial protection of the MICROBAN® ANTIBACTERIAL SURFACE is built into the spa’s acrylic sheet.

Purchasing an Aquavia spa with the MICROBAN® ANTIBACTERIAL SURFACE will give you peace of mind and more free time as it keeps the acrylic surfaces of our spas clean and free of bacteria.