Hot Tub Quantum

Introducing the exclusive hot tub Quantum, an elegant hot tub with pure and robust lines that completes the range of portable hot tubs, standing out from the rest especially for its genuine design and attention to detail. The hot tub Quantum has been made in order to offer long relaxing and resting sessions for 4 people. However it is a very flexible hot tub able to adapt to every family needs and like the rest of our catalogue is possible to install it s or outdoors.



Position 1

Position 2

Position 3

Position 4

Acrylics colors

Hot tube Quantum - finishes - Acrylic colors

Furniture finishes

Hot tube Quantum - finishes - Furniture finishes
Document with the technical specifications and optional features available.PDF
Technical drawings for home use showing the layout of the jets and the size of the spa.PDF
Installation Manual and Operating Instructions.icono-pdf
Guarantee Certificate.PDF