Hot Tub Lounge City (5 places)

The Lounge City model is the top-of-the-range spa that makes the most of any space: it is ideal for 5 people and 5 hydromassage positions hydromassage, with compact dimensions while its height is designed to fit under all doors.

Buy Spa Home
Buy Aquavia Spa® Home Hot Tub

Hot Tub Home (4 places)

Minimalist exterior and interior hot tub designed for couples. Capacity for 4 people seated or 2 people lying down.

Buy Hot tube Suite
Buy Aquavia Spa® Suite Hot Tub

Hot Tub Suite (4 places)

Outdoor and indoor Spa with more features and complete quality. Allows 4 seated or 2 recumbent positions.

Buy Spa Cube Hot Tub

Hot Tub Cube (4 places)

Outdoor spa for 4 people lying down. The Spa Cube is prepared for outdoor use and for indoor use.

Buy Hot Tub Quantum
Buy Spa Quantum Hot Tub

Hot Tub Quantum (4 places)

Hot Tub Quantum, outdoor or Indoor. Hot Tub with large dimensions with capacity for 4 people sitting

Buy Aquavia Spa® Cube Ergo Hot Tub

Hot Tub Cube Ergo (5 places)

The Spa Cube Ergo provides the perfect balance: top features, unbeatable ergonomics, enormous versatility and cutting-edge design.

Buy spa Velvet
Buy Aquavia Spa® Velvet Hot tub

Hot Tub Velvet (5 places)

Hot Tub with big dimensions, it’s an outdoor Jacuzzi manufactured by AquaVia hot Tub for 3 people sitting and 2 lying down

Buy Spa Essence
Buy Aquavia Spa® Essence Hot Tub

Hot Tub Essence (5 places)

Hot Tub for outdoor or Indoor with 2 loungers and big massage strength. Hot Tub for 5 people. (3 sitting and 2 lying down)

Spa Soft
Buy Aquavia Spa® Soft Hot Tub

Hot Tub Soft (6 places)

Hot Tubs with a strong massage .Outdoor hot Tub for 6 people suitable for Indoor use too. (5 sitting and 1 lying down)

Buy Aquavia Spa® Aqualife 7 Hot Tub

Hot Tub Aqualife 7 (5 places)

Aqualife 7 is a 5-person hot tub, with one position configured as a fully-equipped lounger.

Buy Aquavia Spa® Aqualife 5 Hot Tub

Hot Tub Aqualife 5 (5 places)

Outdoor and indoor square Hot Tub for 5 people (3 sitting and 2 lying down)

Buy Hot Tub Sundown
Buy Aquavia Spa® Sundown Hot tub

Hot Tub Sundown and Round 2 (5 places)

Round Hot Tub for Indoor or outdoor use, it can be built in or constructed in a structure sorrounding, with capacity for 5 people

Buy Aquavia Spa® Touch Hot Tub

Hot Tub Touch (3 places)

Hot Tub compact and easy to access with capacity up to 3 people (2 people lying down and 1 sitting). Complete hydromassage for your back, legs and feet.

Buy Spa Feel
Buy Aquavia Spa® Feel hot tub

Hot Tub Feel (5 places)

Hot Tub Feel, outdoor or Indoor. Hot tub with two reclined seats and three seatsoffering you a complete massage.

Buy Spa Pulse
Buy Aquavia Spa® Pulse Hot tub

Hot Tub Pulse (6 places)

Hot Tub with large dimensions for Indoor or outdoor use. Hot Tub for up to 6 people perfect for enjoying with friends and family.

Buy Spa Touch 5
Buy Spa Touch 5

Hot Tub Touch 5 (5 places)

The Touch 5 is a versatile and large model, suitable for 5 people, aimed at a family audience that wants to buy a spa with excellent massage features.

Spa para hoteles
Spa Hotel, hot tub for B2B hotel chains

Hot Tub Hotel (4 places)

Its small size allows the spa to be easily integrated into hotel rooms. Automatic filling in 30 minutes and automatic emptying in 15 minutes. It has capacity for 4 people.