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Jacuzzi ® J-575 (5 - 6 places)

Jacuzzi J-575, with capacity for 5 to 6 people, is a piece of design and is a unique hydromassage experience. Directional jets create a relaxing effect that allows you to create the perfect environment for your mood and surroundings.

Jacuzzi J495
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Jacuzzi ® J-495 (8 - 9 places)

The Jacuzzi® J495 is an 8 persons spa with 62 PowerPro jets. It is the largest of the Premium line; it is spacious, ergonomic and offers extraordinary hydromassage qualities.

Jacuzzi J475
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Jacuzzi ® J-475 (5 - 6 places)

At 90" x 90" and seating 5 - 6, including a lounge, the J-475 spa is an outdoor Jacuzzi® designed to provide the most extensive of hydromassage treatments.

Jacuzzi J445
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Jacuzzi ® J-445 (6 places)

The J-445™ Jacuzzi hot tub has been carefully designed to offer optimal hydrotherapy along with maximum comfort and luxury. It has 6 seats with different heights that make it the perfect fit for everyone.

Jacuzzi J-435™
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Jacuzzi ® J-435 (5 - 6 places)

Jacuzzi® J-435 has 5 seating options, including a single jet cooling seat. Tailor-made treatment for each seat that provides a luxurious full-body hydromassage.

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Jacuzzi ® J-375 (5 - 6 places)

The Jacuzzi® J-375 is a spa suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces and incorporates 5 seats and a lounger.

Jacuzzi J355
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Jacuzzi ® J-355 (5 - 6 places)

The Jacuzzi® J-355 is a spa for 5-6 people that offers hydrotherapy and a place to socialize. This Jacuzzi® features 2 full therapy seats, a lounge and 3 seats.

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Jacuzzi ® J-335 (4 - 5 places)

The Jacuzzi® J-335 with capacity for 4 - 5 people, is one of the best spas to experience the benefits of hydromassage

Jacuzzi J315
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Jacuzzi ® J-315 (3 places)

The 3-person Jacuzzi® J-315 spa offers all the benefits of a full-size Jacuzzi®. It is an ideal Jacuzzi® in homes with limited space and allows installation indoors or outdoors.

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Jacuzzi ® J-275 (6 places)

The Jacuzzi® J275 spa has 6 seats, one reclining, and 45 hydromassage jets. Offers neck massage and foot massages.

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Jacuzzi ® J-235 (6 places)

The Jacuzzi® J235 is a spa that has 6 seats, one reclining, and a total of 35 hydromassage jets. Waterfall for extra relaxation on the neck.

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Jacuzzi ® J-215 (3 places)

The Jacuzzi® J-215 spa has 3 seats that offer a powerful massage with 19 jets. This Jacuzzi® is ideal for small spaces. Includes a waterfall and led lighting.

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Jacuzzi ® J-210 (4 places)

The Jacuzzi® J-210 spa is the ideal solution in Jacuzzi® reliability and quality. It has capacity for 4 people.

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Jacuzzi ® Delfi (4 places)

Jacuzzi® Delfi for small outdoor spaces. Spa for 4 people. Perfect for small gardens.

Jacuzzi Delos
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Jacuzzi ® Delos (4 places)

Spa Jacuzzi® Delos with capacity for 4 people. It incorporates an elegant waterfall for a relaxing hydrotherapy session.

Jacuzzi City Spa
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Jacuzzi ® City Spa (2 places)

The Jacuzzi® City Spa provides professional hydromassage in a small space. Capacity for 2 people. It can be placed on the surface or embedded in the ground.

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Jacuzzi ® Unique (3 places)

The Jacuzzi® Unique hot tub for outdoor and indoor use. Allows surface or recessed installation. It has 3 seats.

Jacuzzi Santorini Pro
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Jacuzzi ® Santorini Pro (5-6 places)

The Jacuzzi® Santorini Pro has a double lounger and seats for 5 to 6 people. It can be placed on the surface or recessed.

Jacuzzi Profile
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Jacuzzi ® Profile (5 - 6 places)

The Jacuzzi® Profile with capacity for 5 - 6 people. It is a complete solution for those who want to disconnect from the daily routine.

Buy Jacuzzi® Virtus
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Jacuzzi ® Virtus (6 - 7 places)

The Jacuzzi® Virtus overflow spa is the perfect spa to enjoy in company and share a moment of well-being with hydrotherapy. It has a capacity of 6 - 7 people with different positions and seats.

Jacuzzi Alimia
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Jacuzzi® Alimia (5 - 6 places)

The round Jacuzzi® Alimia spa falls in love with its ergonomic seats for 5 - 6 people. It can be installed on the surface or embedded in the ground.

Comprar Spa Lodge

Jacuzzi® Lodge (4 - 5 places)

The Spa Jacuzzi® Lodge is a dedicated spa to be used in company and frequently, perfect for holiday parks, glamping, hotels and resorts. With capacity for 4 - 5 people. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and be installed on the surface or embedded.